Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Job Interview!

I had my first job interview of the summer today, and hopefully my last. This job would be awesome!!!!!!!!!! It is through the school district, but located at a Christian private school. :) How perfect is that! I'm so excited. So here are some details for those of you who want them. :) I wore my dress that I wore to my mom and dad's vow renewal a few years ago. I haven't had too many chances to wear it since then, so it is still like new. I also wore a pink shrug with it, since the dress is sleevless. I go there and waited for a little bit in the lobby. Then the very nice head of special services came to get me. He seems like a nice laid back guy. I hope he is like that all of the time, because he will be my main boss, since I'm hopefully going to be at a private school. He asked me a bunch of questions, which I think I answered intelligently. Then he told me about the position, the school and the staff at the school. He explained the paperwork. One great thing he said was that the kids are very well behaved at this school. That is just fine with me! I don't like being direspected. He explained the salary and how it works since I'll be working 80% of full time. I still get benefits, which I knew since I read the teacher handbook last night. :) That impressed him. He said all that was left was to call my references. Sounds like I got the job! :) I'm so excited. I think my first day of work will be July 23rd. And I don't think I'll be working much for Bricks 4 Kidz after that, since there is low enrollment for the site I was assigned to for July. I'm so excited, did I mention that? :)

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