Saturday, November 7, 2009

Staying busy subbing

I am staying busy subbing. I've been to a little over half of all of the elementary schools in our district, as well as all but one of our middle school and one high school.

Yesterday I subbed in a self contained special education room and it made me miss working with those kids. I love how the teacher had the classroom and paraprofessionals all set up. I'm going to have to remember it so I can do something similar when I get a job again. I've applied for a couple of temp special ed jobs, but haven't heard anything yet.


Katie said...

So self conatained seems nice and tidy, but when you worked with the school that had these students mixed with the other students, I really liked that. I think it has many good benifits for both these sweet special students and the students at large.

CandyandLadybugs said...

I wouldn't call it nice and tidy, just extremely organized. I am saddened that they never have time to go out into the general education classroom. I would have a time for each of them to be with their typical peers, that is for sure. I just liked how organized she had the classroom. I wish I could be more organized.