Thursday, April 23, 2009

Too early to pack up, but...

But I really want to! hehe! I'm getting excited about moving back home for a month and then on to our new destination, Hillsboro, Oregon! Hillsboro hasn't posted jobs for next year yet. They've only just started posting for the summer. So I'll be waiting to hear about jobs for next fall. I really, really want to work close to where we live. I get cranky when I have to deal with traffic.

My students are doing so well. I'm so proud of them! They have all grown in their reading and writing abilities. We have writing prompts that they work on three times a year, and it is that time of year again. They have written easily twice as much as they did last time, if not more. Wow! I'm so proud. sniff, sniff. It is times like these that I love being a teacher. :)

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Katie said...

I loved my long commutes to school back in college. It was my alone time to reflect. Dan isn't digging his commute though. We're both eager to get moves. Go you by the way, you are getting some followers. :)